Jude Stuecker

All of my quilts are made with hand dyed or hand painted fabrics.  I applique, quilt, and embellish on the sewing machine and by hand.

Change of Season.  Hand painted cotton, appliqued and quilted.  Contains a poem written by Audre Lorde.
Emily's Quilt.  Hand painted cotton, hand dyed silk, appliqued and quilted.  Tent flap opens to reveal a scene inside.
Honeybee.  Dyed, painted, and silkscreened cotton and silk, appliqued and quilted. 
Winter's Bright Morning.  Hand painted cotton, commercial cottons, and  lace, appliqued and quilted.  Contains a quote written by Carson McCullers.
Naomi's Apple. Hand dyed and hand painted cotton, linen, silk, and upholstery fabrics.  Embroidered and quilted.
Summer. Hand dyed and hand painted cotton, linen and silk.  Appliqued and quilted
Mayapple. Hand dyed and hand painted cotton, linen and silk.  Appliqued and quilted.
Flower Garden.  Hand painted and hand silk screened cotton, silk, and linen. Appliqued and quilted.  
Appalachian Wildflowers
Hand painted and hand silk-screened cotton and hemp, appliqued and quilted.